Corry Rubber Corporation specializes in custom solutions for rubber to metal bonding applications as well as numerous rubber overmolding applications. Our rubber to metal bonding process vulcanizes rubber materials while chemically attaching them to a variety of substrates including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and plastics.

Corry Rubber Corporations’s rubber bonding processes deliver excellent adhesion. In fact, often the bond between the substrate and the elastomer is stronger than the elastomer itself.

By bonding or overmolding the rubber to the substrate, Corry Rubber Corporation can accommodate unique product designs that can support new technologies.

Examples of our rubber to metal bonding processes include:

  • Rubber-encapsulated metal, producing the most economical mechanical bond
  • Chemical bonding, using heat-activated adhesive for bonding during vulcanization or curing
  • Cynoacrylate bonding of rubber and metal after curing, including secondary operations to assemble
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