Corry Rubber offers a comprehensive line of isolation mounts for shock, vibration and noise control.

Our elastomeric isolation mounts allow systems to perform more smoothly, more quietly and with less down time. Common applications for Corry Rubber elastomers include off-highway equipment, business machines, compressors, industrial equipment, electronics and other systems which require vibration attenuation. We specialize in a variety of mounts that include but are not limited to:

  • Plateform Mounts
  • Multiplane Mounts
  • Low Profile Mounts
  • Machinery Mounts
  • Leveling Mounts
  • Stud Mounts
  • Ring and Bushing Mounts
  • Centerbond Mounts
  • Pedestal Machinery Mounts

In addition to our “off-the-shelf” solutions for shock, vibration and noise control, Corry Rubber Corporation also develops engineered solutions to address complex mechanically or environmentally induced shocks and vibrations. Use our mount selection guide to identify the best product to meet your needs.

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Elastomeric Isolation Mount Samples