Corry Rubber Corporation makes expansion tank bladders for potable water and heating applications as well as many other applications where pressure surges must be minimized and/or fluid delivery at constant pressure and volume are critical. Corry Rubber bladders are made of custom materials created in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 lab. Where required, those materials are NSF 61 approved and are odorless and tasteless.

Produced for both ASME and non-ASME expansion tanks our NSF 61 approved compounds are suitable for use in applications of two gallons and above. Besides the NSF 61 materials, other bladder materials include:

  • EPDM
  • Nitrile
  • FKM

In addition, our expansion tank bladders features custom cement bonds between the sheet material and the collars. This results in joints that are stronger than the base material itself.

To manufacture this high quality bladder, we compound and mix bladder elastomer material, testing each batch for hardness and curing characteristics. Approved material is then calendered into sheets or molded into collars. The calendered sheets are cut out to the proper size, and adhered together, with collars cemented in place. Bladders are autoclave cured, inflated with air and leak tested, cleaned and boxed. Where specified, each shipment contains certification detailing test results on materials and seam bonding for quality assurance purposes.

Corry Rubber has also developed bladder materials that are ideal for high temperature applications water applications (up to 140C) and applications requiring storage of jet fuels, fuel oil and kerosene.

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