Corry Rubber Corporation prides itself in the ability to help customers with all facets of prototyping. Prototyping allows us to show customers their parts before beginning production, so that the design can be proofed and problems can be solved before production. It also allows us to provide advance parts for new product releases and mini-runs for quick market entry.

Corry Rubber Corporation has the capability to mix small quantities of elastomer for development, testing and prototyping in our lab. We have a complete miniaturized manufacturing operation enabling us to prototype new products for customers or update current products economically. Our prototyping lab utilizes the same method of manufacture that will be used in full-scale production, with compression, transfer or injection molding equipment from 5 to 500 tons. We probably should mention something here about our 3D printing capability i.e. For quick turnaround to determine form and fit, we utilize 3D printing capability for 3D printing both plastic and elastomer parts.

When it comes to material selection for prototyping, Corry Rubber can:

  • Develop custom material formulations for demanding applications
  • Select the optimal manufacturing process for the component
  • Design features to improve manufacturability and product performance
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