From laboratory to proprietary molding technologies, Corry Rubber Corporation has the ability to mold the ideal component for your needs. Our production capabilities allow us to meet the needs of our customers who require a diverse set of part sizes, compounded materials and production runs.

Corry Rubber Corporation’s laboratory can develop compounds to meet customer specifications. The raw materials which are sourced domestically and internationally for these compounds typically consist of:

  • Natural and synthetic elastomers
  • Carbon black
  • Zinc oxide
  • Clay
  • Sulfur
  • Vulcanization accelerators
  • Antioxidant and Antiozonants

Upon receipt of raw materials and approval by our lab, the materials are blended or “compounded” into a batch in accordance with documented procedures for that particular material.

Corry Rubber Corporation’s molding facilities include state-of-the-art computer controlled injection presses that are networked together with a master supervision computer. This allows us to offer fully automated injection molding presses that are continuously fed and automatically operated, producing shot after shot of molded product ready for shipment or subsequent finishing operations. Direct computerized monitoring equipment insures accuracy in regards to heat, pressure and curing time. We also utilize conventional presses for compression and transfer molding.

Corry Rubber Corporation takes pride in its extensive production capabilities, concern for minimal environmental impact, and dedication to continually modernizing its operation to meet growing customer requirements.

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