Corry Rubber Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom rubber elastomers through molding and extrusion.

Our engineering team designs, prototypes and tests elastomeric products to meet exact specifications. In addition to custom solutions, Corry Rubber offers a complete line of standard elastomeric products.

Using our elastomer selection process, Corry Rubber works closely with our customers to identify the lowest cost elastomeric option to meet the application needs, such as:

  1. Absorb vibration and noise.
  2. Resist exposure to oxidation, oils, fuels and chemicals and still retain their usefulness.
  3. Maintain tension and compression forces indefinitely, making them useful in sealing applications.
  4. Be serviceable in a range of temperatures between –100° C to +275° C.
  5. Be formed into almost any shape or configuration to accommodate thermal changes, differences in tolerances between components, movement, shocks and vibration.
  6. Be used as barriers to separate two different media, water and air in an accumulator for instance.
  7. Provide thermal barriers to heat transfer.
  8. Withstand weather and outdoor exposure indefinitely with minimal change in properties.
  9. Be used in medical environments to provide barriers between the body and electronic components, such as in sheaths for endoscopes.
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